Saturday, April 21, 2007

FaveFinanceSiteOfTheDay FreeMoneyFinance. The thought-provoking post for today is Something Money Doesn't Buy: Life. I also keep a feed to also has a host of Personal Finance articles, calculators, rate information, and links (I subscribe to e-mails about articles in my own areas of interest). The ten tabs under News and Advice make for some fruitful browsing. You might also want to check out the Mint Blog that I made reference to in a March post. Do you have any favorite Frugal/Finance sites?

How to reduce the memory usage on Firefox?

This article gives you simple steps to optimize your PC memory usage

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Monday, April 9, 2007

FaveFreeware of the Day - StrokeIt

StrokeIt has gotten mention here and there lately: a Download of the Day at Lifehacker, votes in the Top 10 comments, etc. I've tried the MouseGestures extension for Firefox (with not so much success), but the neat thing about StrokeIt is that it is 'global'--and can be set up to work (or not work) in various applications, or in the Windows interface itself. Now that I like! It does take a little bit of training--both of the program and of the user! Having invested so far about a half hour in such training, I like the results. To really be able to get some good out of it, I'd say it's necessary to be geekish enough to be able to match up some commands with some gestures & applications (definitely helps here to be an avid right-clicker). If you can get through the training period, hey--it's all yours! If you check the 'prompt me' box, it will even try to learn your gestures it doesn't recognize. Can't beat that--it's a fast learner :-).

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Top 500 Free Fonts

Lifehacker has a post today linking to the web's "top 500" free fonts. The site is probably getting a lot of hits today--I couldn't get "in" until after repeat tries over about a ten-minute period. Way to go, Lifehacker. Wendy, you come up with some neat stuff! Thanks!

Friday, April 6, 2007

Need Two Cents Worth?

Here's some free advice for how to do 450+ things freely with freeware! and more!

GDS Enterprise Version

It recently came to my attention that there is an Enterprise version of Google Desktop Search. Check it out here!

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

UN-FaveFreeware of the Day

Ouch. I installed ImageSkill's Outliner as a plugin associated to my Paint Shop Pro application. This is what Paint Shop Pro thinks of it:

This copy of Paint Shop Pro has been damaged or illegally modified. Please reinstall from your original source.

So much for that relationship! Uninstalling Outliner brought Paint Shop Pro back on its feet with no apparent hard feelings. I was then able to reinstall Outliner into its own directory, and add the Outliner directory to Paint Shop Pro's list of plugin directories. Whew--they're working together now.

Outliner at least stands a chance now of becoming a Favorite instead of an UN-Favorite!

NTLDR is missing error

Another "can you help me fix this?" situation today led me to some useful instructions at You might need them if you go to boot up and get the error pictured here! The site has a number of possible solutions you may want to try (before crying 'Uncle!' and heading for the repair shop).

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Google Search (experts) can't find lost snake!

This is an ironically hilarious article!

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Paint .NET 3.05 Final Just Released! Best Paint Replacement For Windows

Paint.NET is image and photo manipulation software designed to be used on computers that run Windows 2000, XP, Vista, or Server 2003. It supports layers, unlimited undo, special effects, and a wide variety of useful and powerful tools. The new version includes a new "Pencil Sketch" effect, better vista support, performance enhancements and bugfixes...

This latest version was released March 29, 2007. I'm liking it already!

Get it here:

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Today's favorite: send to toys

One in a series of "freeware favorites of the day". These are real-life favorites of the blog's author, worth checking out.

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Today's FaveFreeWare Send To Toys, a nice little tool published by Gabriele Ponti. As its name suggests, it is an enhancement of the system "send to" menu (2000/XP and higher).

This toy was recently updated to version 2.5 on 2/10/07.

I love toys like this! I play with this one a lot!

------------------------------------------------------FaveFreeWare 4/3/07

Freeware Resource

The site advertises itself thus: "Freeware programs that either went commercial after these versions or were discontinued, or are hard to find or just plain good".

The site, in turn, has this suggestion: Check out the newsgroup: [alt.comp.freeware] for some good discussions about freeware programs new and old! A nice place to spend some time...

There are also other freeware lists and links at the bottom of the woundedmoon page.

Happy Browsing!

Monday, April 2, 2007


Prevx is going to get a free referral out of this story (don't say I never did anything for them! :-)).
I recently tried to help out a friend whose Useful Internet Speed had decelerated to approximately zero, even when she was using my DSL wireless connection. All of her available bytes, as it turned out, were being eaten by a worm who was furiously calling home about every millisecond or so (give or take 999 milliseconds). Her free antivirus program kept jailing a particular file (repeatedly, with accompanying pop-up notifications), while the real culprit continued the calls home, seemingly unhindered. Hey, at least her AV program could identify that a problem existed!
I took a peek inside the AV jail and googled the incarcerated filename--which is how I stumbled upon Prevx, who had the offender listed as 'bad'--known malware. Sophos also came up in my search, with a cure as well (which was most readily available by installing Sophos and going from there). Not seeing any $ signs around, we downloaded Prevx1, which munched and ate the worm and it troubled my friend no further. (She can now use her internet connections without help from homesick worms.)
Now here's the "catch" with Prevx--it's free! That is, its preventative powers may be used indefinitely at no cost. But if you want to use its curative powers (to munch worms, for example) you must pay. Now you can pay per incident, or you can subscribe. I suppose that theoretically, if Prevx's preventative powers were adequate to forestall any threat (and you had only one single problem to fix at the outset), there would only ever be one incident to pay for. Well, I chose to subscribe, and I'd bet most people do.
Prevx works on a somewhat different principle than your typical AV application. It's kind of like a citizen militia out to protect its citizens. It is advantageous (for Prevx's threat database, which relies on the "community") to have as many citizens as possible join the militia. Oh, wow, I can see it now--"The People's Prevx"! Oh my, I shouldn't have uttered that without asking for royalties :-). Anyway, Prevx works on this concept that 'more members' mean 'more information' and a more effective data base.
By way of conclusion, I do consider Prevx (be it free or not) worth checking out. There are some interesting stats compiled about various threats, and theoretically, it will protect us more rapidly than a paid Force--being comprised of a (hopefully) large number of citizens like you and I!
If you've tried Prevx (or its cousin Cyberhawk) please pitch in a tell us about your experience!