Monday, April 9, 2007

FaveFreeware of the Day - StrokeIt

StrokeIt has gotten mention here and there lately: a Download of the Day at Lifehacker, votes in the Top 10 comments, etc. I've tried the MouseGestures extension for Firefox (with not so much success), but the neat thing about StrokeIt is that it is 'global'--and can be set up to work (or not work) in various applications, or in the Windows interface itself. Now that I like! It does take a little bit of training--both of the program and of the user! Having invested so far about a half hour in such training, I like the results. To really be able to get some good out of it, I'd say it's necessary to be geekish enough to be able to match up some commands with some gestures & applications (definitely helps here to be an avid right-clicker). If you can get through the training period, hey--it's all yours! If you check the 'prompt me' box, it will even try to learn your gestures it doesn't recognize. Can't beat that--it's a fast learner :-).

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